An important key to your success is the execution of effective outreach strategies — tactics that can either make or break a program.  What you really need is a toolbox of resources that you can call upon to help you create and maintain your outreach and communication efforts.  The Related Content includes the resources for the State Monitor Advocate Responsibilities and Perform Better on the Job Series.

Many farmworkers are only employed for part of the year, leaving them open to explore training options that have the potential of changing their lives forever.  The challenge, as expressed by all too many staff is how to ensure that their programs are effectively promoted among the right audiences, so these windows of opportunity are left open to all eligible farmworkers.  

   Outreach Training for Career Center Staff

This presentation is provided by the State of New York, and is primarily intended for staff at American Job Centers (AJCs).  

   Outreach Program Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides an overview of NFJP and SMA outreach responsibilities, introducing Outreach Workers to the scope of their duties.

   Agricultural Outreach Workers Training Module  

This module will train local American Job Center agricultural outreach workers on Federal regulations, partner agency and migrant service organization roles, and will focus on procedures for outreach to migrant and seasonal farm workers.  

   Outreach Materials

The U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Special Counsel (OSC) outreach materials are now translated into additional languages. OSC has published translations of its “E-Verify Know Your Rights,” “Know Your Rights” and “Name and Social Security Number (SSN) ‘No-Match’ Information for Employees” flyers, its Refugee/Asylee flyers for both employers and workers in multiple languages.

   Business Services Units-Computer-Based Training Module  

This module covers procedures regarding engaging and meeting the needs of agricultural employers. Participants learn about the kind of services provided to agricultural employers through the American Job Centers.  

   Communication Tools 

These social media posts, public service announcements, and flyers are templates that grantees and SMAs can personalize and adapt. 


Stay tuned for future additions to this resource portal, including:

   New Online Outreach Tutorial  

   Outreach Worksheet        

   Other Business Services Training Modules

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