Here, we offer you resources useful in providing excellent customer service to Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers (MSFWs).  It is important to gain a better understanding of MSFWs and their dependents, so you can serve them more effectively and efficiently.  This resource page directs you to such materials.

    Resource Directory

This directory provides contact information for NFJP grantees, SMAs, and other stakeholders working with the farmworker community.  Feel free to email or for questions about the Directory.

    Children in the Fields 

This presentation, part of the 2014 Association of Farmworker Opportunity Grants (AFOP) Mini-Conference, contains valuable information for providing quality customer service to children in the fields — farmworker dependents.

    NFJP Innovations in Action

Please see the Innovations in Action Instructions document to the left for more information that can help you provide high quality customer service to MSFWs.

    Various NFJP Program Tools

A number of other tools and resources are linked to the left for you to learn techniques and resources to make your customer service in the NFJP program more effective.

    Agricultural Upgrades: New Opportunities in Agricultural Careers for Farmworkers

Review the presentation in the link to the left for more information on how to get career information to help you provide sound career guidance to farmworkers.

    Putting LMI to Work in Employment and Training Programs - Using Labor Market Information in Service Delivery for National Farmworker Jobs Program Grantees 

View these training modules for how to use workforce information for data-driven case management, career decision-making and strategic planning to better serve your MSFW customers.