The communication tools featured on this resource page provide templates for you to use as you promote your program’s attributes among farmworkers and agricultural employers.


Participants in the National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) have told us that this program has profoundly changed their lives for their families and themselves.  Statistical and anecdotal information confirms that NFJP training and wrap-around services:

  • Help farmworkers achieve financial stability
  • Provide critical assistance, such as transportation, housing, and healthcare support that is keeping farmworkers and their families safe
  • Open doors for farmworker spouses and children, enabling them to pursue their dreams
  • Assist employers in hiring and retaining exemplary workers.

Even with such a strong track record, perhaps one of the biggest challenges that NFJP grantees and State Monitor Advocates (SMAs) face is how to promote services and engage their target audiences.

Outreach Training for Career Center Staff

This presentation by the State of New York is primarily intended for staff at American Job Centers.  If you need further information on this presentation, you can send a message to

NFJP Student Recruitment Flyer Template

This simple fact sheet provides information about the program’s benefits to farmworkers.  We have left room for you to add grant-specific program features.

NFJP and Monitor Advocate System Employer Flyer Template

This fact sheet affirms the roles that the NFJP and the SMA system play in helping employers meet their recruitment and retention needs.  We have left room for you to add grant-specific program features.

NFJP Sample Social Media Posts

This resource acknowledges that social media is quickly becoming an important way to communicate with employers and job seekers.  Featured are Facebook and Twitter posts that NFJP grantees and SMAs can personalize as they build their program’s social media presence.

NFJP Sample Public Service Announcements

These public service announcements (PSAs), targeting employers and job seekers, supply compelling messages aimed at engaging target audiences to contact their state NFJP grantee for more information.  Supplied are 30-, 15- and 10- second PSAs — three of which are aimed at employers, and three are aimed at farmworkers.  Similar to other tools, we have left you room to personalize these PSAs.