List of Significant MSFW States and Local Offices PY 2017

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List of the Significant Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker (MSFW) States, Significant MSFW and Multilingual Local American Job Centers



Significant MSFW states are the 20 states with the highest number of MSFW participants.  These Significant MSFW States are required to meet minimum levels of service to MSFWs, as noted in Section 4 of Training and Employment Guidance Letter TEGL 20-16.


Significant MSFW one-stop centers (now branded as American Job Centers) are those centers where MSFWs account for 10 percent or more of annual participants in Wagner Peyser Employment Service activities and also include centers that the Office of Workforce Investment (OWI) Administrator determines should be included due to special circumstances such as an estimated large number of MSFWs in the service area.


Significant Multilingual local American Job Centers are those centers where 10 percent or more of MSFW participants are estimated to require service provisions in a language(s) other than English, unless the OWI Administrator determines other one-stop centers also should be included due to special circumstances.

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