Are you new to the MA System or the Agricultural Connection? Through this resource page, you can review the MA System website, learn pertinent background information about the Judge Richey Court Order, and view the WorkforceGPS Agricultural Connection training modules.

Overview Resources

  1. Review the Monitor Advocate System
  2. Read the Judge Richey Court Order to understand the history of why the Monitor Advocate (MA) System exists.
  3. Review WorkforceGPS Agricultural Connection training modules. Ensuring effective implementation of programs and processes to support Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers (MSFWs) and their employers is an important role of the public workforce system. Take a look at these three brief but content-rich training modules designed to provide the most critical information to MSFW program practitioners in an easy-to-follow format offering key examples and scenarios to drive success.
    1. Agricultural Worker Outreach Training
    2. State Monitor Advocate Roles
    3. Job Service Complaint System